Privacy Policy

The service that you access in the weepaa.com portal is offered by Word 18-90 S.L.U.

weepaa in compliance with the Information Society Services and Electronic Commerce Spanish Act and the Spanish Organic Act of Personal Data Protection 15/1999 guarantees complete privacy regarding our clients’ and users’ personal data, both in the case of Spanish users as for the rest of users from the E.U and outside its territories, the Spanish legislation previously mentioned will be applied.


Data processig

In order to offer the contact between people services through our portal, weepaa.com collects a series of personal data:

  • Contact data: names and last names, Address, e-mail, telephone number, etc.
  • Personal data: Sex, age, physical features, etc.
  • Personality data: interests, hobbies, life style, etc.
  • Services payment data: in the event that the user contracts the access fees

In any case these data and information are offered willingly by the user himself when he registers and accesses the weepaa.com portal service, with the purpose of completing the profile the user can willingly provide data regarding sexual preferences, ethnical origin or religious believes.

It is the user who decides which information to reveal when making his profile register and carrying it out so that other users can have access to them.

The client accepts that his profile’s personal data can be transferred to foreign companies associated to Word 18-90 S.L.U. in order to send e-mails and bulletins from and by request of Word 18-19 S.L.U. to prevent and avoid misuse of the service. If the client agrees to collection, processing and use of the additional described data, Word 18-90 S.L.U. will use such data exclusively for the purposes authorized by the client.

In any case the contact data and the needed data to establish the contractual relation will not be made public to third parties. Word 18-90 S.L.U commits to compliment of its obligation to maintain the personal data secret and to its duty to process them confidentially and takes on the necessary technical, organizational and safety measures  to avoid their alteration, processing or unauthorized access, according to what’s been established by the Organic Act 15/1999 on Personal Data Protection and other applicable laws. Owner of personal data shall address info weepaa.com by written or to weepaa.com’s previously mentioned social domicile, for exercise of access, amendment, cancelling and relative opposition to responsibility by Word 18-90 S.L.U rights, indicating in the subject “LOPD” and stating his identity.

Likewise, weepaa is a global page hosted by servers that may be located in several countries of the world, when you Access the server and complete your profile you are stating that you agree on your information being transferred, filed, and processed in some of the countries where the servers are located. In any case weeppa.com has established strong protocols in order to protect security to the maximum and to protect confidentiality of personal data. But you must remember that no network is invulnerable to piracy, informatics crimes or loss of information, though our team is focused on avoiding this from happening. Likewise, we can’t guarantee safety of the data introduced in our web, risks of transmission are up to the safety measures that the user takes at the time of accessing weepaa.com.

Use of Cookies

In order to navigate this website it’s necessary to have activated the JavaScript options, CCS and Cookies, small data files that are generated in the user’s computer and which allow us to save personalization elements of the contents the users chose in his first visit to the weepaa.com site. All of our cookies save the information in a scripted way and are destroyed automatically after certain time. The user, on the other hand, will be able to eliminate or reject cookies remitted to him through the settings of the browser used to access the weepaa.com web site. The fact that you reject the use of cookies can result on certain technical difficulties in some of our services.

Use of analysis programs

The weepaa.com portal uses Google Analytics which is: a web analytic tool that allows to know the degree of implication of the users in our portal. Google Analytics’ clients can consult various reports that describe how the users that visit the websites interact with the purpose of improving them. Google Analytics collects the information anonymously, that means, it informs about the site’s tendencies without identifying its users. In order to know how this service works you can visit: Google Analytics, Google analytics’ Terms and conditions.


Through these cookies we identify our clients and they are offered personalized services, and they also work to know who’s invited you and if your e-mail is authentic.


Cookies can also be used to facilitate services such as Google Maps or your IP’s location with the sole mean of facilitating your register at weepaa.com.