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Do you want to be part of the weepaa team?

Our project is constantly growing and we need to have creative, innovative professionals who can play as a team.


100% of motivation and enthusiasm
Dynamism, teamwork
Development of ideas and ability to innovate
Productivity and ability to work with rigor.
Identification and commitment to the company
Adaptation or flexibility.
Identification of opportunities and Troubleshooting
Learn English and other languages if you know better


Watch our jobs and if any is of interest, simplemento send an e-mail to admin@weepaa.com (put in Case reference offer) in your mail must put your personal information, contact and motivation to work in Weepaa, plus it is very important you attach your CV and a cover letter.


  • JavaScript Developed: (We need to be able to implement improvements in the application, you can interact with the rest of the team both in person or via videoconference, know innovate and propose new solutions. YOUR QUALIFICATION should be: Minimum two years experience working in a similar position, dominate JavaScrip, knowing the Oxwall environment, have knowledge of HTTP, Linux, Nginx / Apache, PHP, MySQL. Know the basics of design and adaptation to new browsers. For more information or send currículu contact in admin@weepaa.com).

  • Mobile Web Developed: (We seek a mobile web developer with experience who wants to overcome new challenges, we need to unfold organically HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript, 100% motivated to work meticulously, independent and focused objectives: YOUR QUALIFICATIONS should be: Demonstrated experience in sites and web applications, advanced HTML5, CSS3 and Java Scrip, interest innovate and introduce new solutions will take into account knowledge and SSD MySQL server cloud)

  • Android Developed: (Able to improve and innovate applications Weepaa, responsible for the product from start to finish, we need highly motivated and eager to make a new product and quality people. YOUR QUALIFICATIONS: Demonstrated experience in android applications, have made quality applications previously, some programming knowledge in this environment. JavaScrip knowledge of Java, PHP and will be assessed).
If you are interested / a in some send an e-mail to admin@weepaa.com (put in Case reference supply) via email, you must put your personal details, contact information and motivation to work in Weepaa , plus it is very important you attach your CV and a cover letter.