Terms of use

Effective: 01-10-2014


The present agreement (from now on this "Agreement") describes the general terms and conditions of Hiring (from now "GCH") applicable to the use by the users (from now on the "clients") of the services provided by World 18-90 S.L.U, (from now on including, the services provided on the Internet web site, which is under the address, (from now on the " or the site).  The present conditions and any claim or disagreement related to the same (legal actions, disputes or non-contract claims), will be subject to Spanish Court and Legislation and its interpretation thereof. In case of a conflict between this version of the Terms of Use and the original is the Spanish version shall always prevail latter is.


The User must read, understand and accept all the conditions established in the GHC, as well as in the other documents incorporated in the same for reference, prior to their registration as User in 



A) Description of services:

  • is a mediation service to establish personal contacts to which the user can access through the Internet.  Part of the services is free in character and others are accessed after paying the corresponding fee.
  • The clients can sign in for free and access to the profile creation, as well as to the search of other profiles.  The service offered by is mediation with the purpose of meeting people in our page or simply making new friends over the Internet.  The clients, who access, do it through free registration, this allows them to create their profile and access an individual interface through which they will be able to be in contact with the rest of the community, receive personalized proposals, messages, and other services included in the free service.
  • has a free service (BASIC user) to which all clients access when they register.  However, there are other options, purchase of PLUS services through credits and paid registration.  In the first case, the member can pay for certain services available in the page.  With the acquisition thereof, the profile can be personalized, meet more people and facilitate the search of other people, access extra entertaining services not contained in the basic membership, as well as placing restrictions of access to your profile.   These services can be acquired once your BASIC membership is obtained; these services acquired through the purchase of credits are not refundable. The members who acquire the VIP Members' program can enjoy all the services of The client will be informed before the execution of the purchase of the services subjected to fees, of the contractual obligations, fees and payment methods associated to it.  The contractual relationship will be formalized by the client when he or she confirms through a click the request of the service, the approval of the affiliation fee and with it the associated payment obligations.  The registration is free for all clients or users (The BASIC account is accessed).
  • The success of the contacts cannot be guaranteed by, as well as having responsibility over the fulfillment thereof and their success. We do guarantee the access to the acquired benefits.

    In case these conditions are not fulfilled, the cost-free renewal of the contract in the same category for the same period of time which you had contracted it originally will take place.  This warranty will be requestable by the client as long as the following conditions are met: the profile and the preferences must be totally completed, having uploaded at least one picture and accessing the user interface at with a regularity of least once a week.  If these requirements are met and any of the benefits acquired was not received when entered the warranty contact on solicitation by the applicant would take place, which will have to contact (at least 10 days before the fulfillment of the contract) through e-mail to the following e-mail address:, writing the subject:  WARRANTY. Once the case is studied and the right to the warranty of contact is verified, the renewal of the contract will take place.

B) Access to the service:

  • People under 18 years of age who will not be able to access will be excluded from service.
  • The service will be accessed through the registration page of the site, the data input during this process as well as the username and password are responsibility of the user.   The user accepts the general conditions of service when he or she registers, once the account is verified, the contractual relationship specified in this document is established.
  • The client is responsible for the data provided in the registration process and will state the veracity of said data during the process.
  • Once registered in the BASIC mode, you will be able to access any payment method, this situation results in the establishment of an additional contractual relationship between and the client which is ruled by the GHC. This relationship takes place when the client accepts the payment conditions by credits or the registration payment.

C) Cancellation of the Service: can cancel the service in the following scenarios:

  • That it proves, by any media, that the data given by the client are false.
  • In the event that the client misses the payment of the fee: in that case will proceed to blocking the account, returning to the BASIC condition, until the corresponding payment has been made. Length of the contract will not be effected by this temporal cancellation.

D) Payment Conditions:

  • Payment of the fee will be made through the portal in advanced for the elected period.
  • By making a subscription to any of the payment modalities and indicating the payment information, the client authorizes to processing the payments.
  • Payment can be made through the credit or debit card or Paypal.

E) Termination, renovation, rescission:

  • People under 18 years old who can’t access weepaa are left out of the service.
  • For clients on the free mode (BASIC access), the client can terminate his account and eliminate the profile whenever he wants to; to do this the client will have to access the user interface, on the “edit my profile” menu and once there, press “eliminate profile” and then press the “termination” button.
  • The VIP modality contracts, ARE NOT AUTOMATICALLY RENEWED, renewal shall be carried forward manually by the client, this doesn’t leave out the fact that weepaa will notify the client 15 days before termination of the subscription, possibility for renewal, in the event that the client didn’t make the renewal manually, five days after the contracted period, any change of the account to the BASIC mode will be made (including the restrictions of such) and the corresponding communication to the client about this.
  • The right of both parties to extraordinary rescission as well as the BASIC conditions and the payment modalities condition will not be affected. Weepaa could rescind from any user due to the following motives: if the client gives false data during registration or subscription or if he gives fake data at any moment; if the client breaks the general conditions repeatedly after having been warned by weepaa to respect their fulfillment (request).

F) Responsibilities and obligations of the clients, forbidden practices, exoneration:

  • The client is responsible for the content of his registration, therefore, he or she is the only responsible of the information he or she provides about himself or herself.
  • The client claims and is committed to provide true data which describes him or her personally.  The parts of the contract agree that has rights to verify the accuracy of the data indicated.
  • The client claims that there is no professional and/or commercial relationship of his member condition.   The client commits to not to use the contact portal with professional or commercial purposes.
  • The client claims that, in the frame of the offers and services of, will not use photographs, videos, music, text, software or any other material protected by copyright or any other type of information without having the necessary authorization or rights.
  • The client commits to respect all the applicable laws when he or she carries out the registration and in the use of the contact portal.
  • Under no circumstance must the client (forbidden behavior):

    * Use data from a third person (including e-mail).  Particularly, the client will not be able provide banking or credit card data of any other third person.
    * Facilitate personal information such as names, telephone and fax numbers, home and e-mail addresses, photo and video files and/or URL without the consent of the respective third persons.
    * Disclose defamatory, offensive material and/or any other type of illegal material or information of this sort.
    * Threat, harass or importune the rights of other (including the rights to the personality).
    * Upload data which contains viruses (infected software).
    * Use services of any class and form which would negatively influence the availability of services of the offer to other clients.
    * Intercept or try to intercept e-mail messages;
    * Carry out publicity to other contact portals.
    * Send chain letters or any other message which importunes third people.
    * Mention names, addresses, telephone or fax numbers, e-mail addresses, usernames or other contact data of other messaging services or Internet services in the personal description (profile).
    * Facilitate or share access keys or personal passwords with third people;
    - The commercial or industrial use of this service is prohibited, in this sense, it is specially forbidden:
    * The paid offer of services or products of any kind, the incitement to an offer corresponding or the indication of another offer obtainable from other sites;
    * The publicity of commercial Web sites, especially sites in which good or services offered through payment are offered or the publicity of companies who announce other Web sites.  This is especially applicable to the publicity in the form of pop-up windows, banners or particularly eye-catching links.
    * * Links (direct or indirect) to the contact portal of another company;
    * The mentioning of services of added value (especially 0900 numbers) or SMS numbers of added value (Premium SMS) in the frame of this contact portal;
    * The recording of contacts with later gainful purposes, especially with later reference to SMS numbers of added value and 0900 numbers;
    * The search of employees, models, etc., for paid services or agencies;
    * The collection of profile date or other clients' data request (for example, mobile or telephone numbers), for example, with commercial exploit purposes, publicity or resell in the frame of the contact portal;
    * Propose to other clients of the service or other, publicity of any kind for commercial offers and the sending of messages with commercial purposes.  This refers in particular to the placement or mentioning of links to the data profiles or the sending of notices with the internal communication systems.
    * Make use of the service in such a way that it can affect the integrity of the rest of the users, especially, writing comments in the clients own profile in a language different to English.

  • The client commits to protect against all types of actions, damages, loses, or claims which may derive from their request and /or participation in this service, as long as these damages are not due to the intention or negligence or nor any of its legal agents or representatives.  In particular, the client commits to exonerate from any responsibility and all obligations, claims, and expenses derived from the client's inappropriate behavior, for example defamation, slander, violation of personal rights, infraction of intellectual property or to the rights of other or lose of services caused to other clients.
  • To ensure the integrity of the mediation services, the user claims that he or she makes use of the services of with the intention of meeting people, search new friends, search for a couple in a serious way, and that the client does not act with the intention of misleading others about the sentimental situation.

G) Responsibility of

  •, in virtue of the contract, responds only for the damages to the client (1) to which or its legal representative or agents may have caused intentionally or grave negligence, (2) harm to life, physical integrity or to the health, due to the unfulfillment by or its legal representatives or agents, and (3) which originate as consequence of the unfulfillment of an obligation, whose fulfillment enables the correct execution of the contract in the first place and in whose fulfillment the client trusts and must regularly trust (fundamental obligation.
  • responds in the cases describes in the sections g. (1) and (2) in unlimited form.  Regarding the rest, the claim for damages and harm for foreseeable and typical contractual damages will be limited.
  • In other cases, besides the mentioned in the g. (1) and (2), the responsibility of, independently of the legal base, is excluded.
  • The cited limitations of responsibility will be applied to all the bodies, employees and agents of
  • cannot guarantee the success of the contacts; therefore it will not be responsible if during the period of contract no contact takes place.
  • will block the information of clients which is incorrect and about which the company knows, but it cannot accept responsibility or provide any warranty for the veracity of other clients' data.
  • guarantees the availability of the service during 80% of the calendar year. is no responsible for failure of the service, for example, for necessary maintenance work, force majeure or for technical failure of the Internet.

H) Links: contains links to other websites, resources of commercial offers provided by third parties. provides these links for exclusively informative purposes.  If you click on these links you will be redirected to third parties' web sites, which may have their own conditions of use and privacy policies, which may be different to these conditions.  The links or any other content in third parties' web sites or pages do not have the approval of, which is why no responsibility over the access of the members to them is not taken, including (but no limiting to) the fulfillment of the laws and rules which regulate third parties' web pages, to which the member access freely by clicking.

I) Procedure in case of breach or suspicion:

  • In the event of complaint from a third, being warned of possible infraction or breach of these GC, will have to proceed to its right to block the content on the clients’ profile that is motive for complaints or suspicious situations. The right to extraordinary rescission referred to in it will not be affected.
  • If considered convenient, a warning will be sent to the user before suspension of the account, offering the client in this way the chance to eliminate the suspicious situation or fix the situation. If this wasn’t the case, for example, for being the blockade immediately required to avoid damages to or other clients, will inform the client immediately after the blockade has been made and about the possibility to recover and rectify the account will be offered.
  • If the client can reject such suspicions or complaints, blocking of the content will be immediately eliminated.
  • can always delete or block the content, if a court or the state authorities demand it, or if the use association is over. The same thing is applied if the suppression or blocking is necessary to avoid damage threats to or another client.
  • The client’s duty related to the payment of his adequate fees according to the contract will not be affected by blocking the content on his/her profile. If client’s access is denied to the benefits of any payment mode and the restriction proved to be unjustified, the contract would be extended for the period of time that the blocking was applied. If, in an extraordinary way, extension wasn’t possible, or it was objectively unacceptable, will return the income corresponding to the blockade period.

J) Use, transmission and diffusion of data:

  • commits to respecting the European legal dispositions for protection of data, as well as the Information Society Services and Electronic Commerce Spanish Act and the Spanish Organic Act 15/1999 of Personal Data Telecommunications Protection, in the operation of its services.
  • In the privacy and data protection policy statement you will find information regarding use of the service’s personal data.
  • If the client can disprove the suspicion or complaint, blocking of the content will be released immediately.

K) Modification of the contracting’s general conditions:

  • holds the right to change these Contracting General Conditions and all of the other contractual documents with future effect. In any case, will inform the registered clients before making the changes. Modifications will be considered accepted if the client doesn’t appeal against the changes in the term of four weeks after the change notification. If the client appeals against a change holds the right to cancel the use relation according to the cancellation general conditions.

L) Final dispositions:

  • The Spanish legislation in force and the parties subject, for resolution of the conflicts and any other charter, to the courts and tribunals of the user’s domicile.
  • There are no additional written or oral agreements.
  • In the event that the dispositions of the hereby presented agreement, resulted to be partly or completely invalid, such will not affect the validity of the rest of the contract.

M) Withdrawal right:

  • The user has 7 working days since the moment he receives the confirmation once the register has been made to exercise his right to withdrawal with no need to justify his decision and with no kind of penalty.
  • If the user exercises his right to withdrawal will be forced to return the fees paid by the user. Devolution of these fees will be made as soon as possible and, in any case, in the maximum term of 30 days since withdrawal.
  • Right to withdrawal can’t be exercised in the given cases that the user activates his profile, accesses it and uses the services before finalizing the seven working days term. It is understood that in such given cases the right to exercise withdrawal is prescribed.
  • In order to exercise right to withdrawal, user must send a notification, indicating e-mail address and the service password to:

    World 18-90 S.L.U.- Service Client Care– 32, Joaquin Rodrigo street (Aguadulce) 04720 ALMERÍA - SPAIN